TeaTV: Watch movie on your Laptop or Phone

Watching free TV show or movie online on laptop or phone getting you easier and comfortable.

ALERT! on October 10, 2019 : TeaTV has shut down due to their own reason. You'll probably not be able to stream your videos today.

Do you like streaming the video online? You are probably using Google's free video-sharing and streaming YouTube or TV show and movie streaming service, Netflix. It's definitely free on YouTube, but not on Netflix. How if you want to watch a movie?

Sharing its source code on GitHub, an open-source TeaTV lets you watch a movie or a TV show online. It is running on a variety of platforms, unfortunately not iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

Download to your devices

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TeaTV will give you a great experience to stream any movies you want without paying even one buck. Just download to your devices that are compatible and stream freely.

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