The next Sony Xperia flagship rumors to have 8K video recording

Will Sony Xperia be the first 8K video recording smartphone?

Time is moving forward and nearer to MWC 2020 Barcelona. Sony is expected to bring its next powerful Xperia lineups in several different models.

Recently this week, Btekt revealed that the next Sony Xperia is rumored to take Samsung with 8K video recording and also be the first 5G-enabled smartphone.

Next Xperia at MWC2020

Until now, there've been some leaks about its render and specs, however, which name will be used for the next Xperia flagship device yet. Sony is known to name its products with complicated names as always, so will it be called either Xperia 0 or Xperia 1.1? We don't know it yet. Besides, the handset will feature a 4K 6.6-inch display with a 21:9 aspect ratio.

SD865 5G

Even more, it will be powered by the newest powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 along with the X55 5G modem. Rumors also emphasize that the next Xperia will give you 12GB of RAM that is a huge one challengeable with other smartphone brands this year. It seems to make everyone worried about its battery capacity that must be a large one to support this kind of specs, but Sony always gives you a smaller one, though not too small, if it is compared to other brands.

Next Xperia at MWC2020

Due to everything described above is just a rumor, we can't recommend you to believe this, but it's a huge description to let you be familiar with how will the next Xperia be.