Vaio SX12 and SX14 get new CPU update with Intel 10th gen processor

The anti-MacBook gets you the latest Intel processor and many ports.

Vaio has been known to be a computer brand for Sony since 1996, however, Sony sold its business to Japan Industrial Partner in February 2014.

Since Vaio broke up with Sony, it has brought some of the PC lineups with the notable design that Sony previously used for this brand. With its given-up, the Z series was retailed with the Sony Vaio Flip series design and later the S and SX series with Sony Vaio Pro 13 design.

Vaio SX12 and SX14 are the latest business-oriented PC lineups from Vaio Corporation with a classic design as a unique Sony Vaio Pro 13 look. Vaio SX14 came out and followed by Vaio SX12 as a compact version last year with the Intel 8th gen processor.

Vaio SX Series

Vaio Corporation just brings a new Intel 10th gen processor to these business machines this month, but available only in Japan right now.

Vaio SX12 is coming with 4 various colors to choose from, while Vaio SX14 has only 3 colors. Those colors are Black, Silver, Brown, and the last one is Pink which is only available in Vaio SX12. Besides, Vaio also preferably provides other 2 special editions, All Black and Red Edition.

Vaio SX series is built to be the tough business machine, light, and dongle-free with plenty of ports that leave you a free feel to take Vaio anywhere and anytime.

Vaio Keyboard

Even Vaio SX12 is smaller than SX14, technically Vaio gives you the same large keyboard layout and number of ports. Both devices feature many ports to be a real pro machine over a few you've usually found on many laptops right now, especially Apple MacBook Pro. The IOs come with these business-oriented portable laptops are 1 x Network Port, 1 x USB Type-C™ (3.1) w/power delivery, DisplayPort (1.2), 1 x SuperSpeed USB (3.1) w/charge, 2 x SuperSpeed USB (3.0),1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA, and 1 x Headphone jack. Let's talk about the display, Vaio SX14 features up to 4K anti-glare non-touch display where you can choose another FHD display as well as Vaio SX12, but no 4K display option for this compact version.

Vaio's IOsVaio's IOs

Another important thing, Vaio's Japanese engineers exclusively give you a true power to boost Vaio's performance with Vaio TruePerformance technology.

Vaio TruePerformance

Vaio is built to be a professional-grade product with a flawless Azumino Finish in Japan.

You can grab the Vaio SX12 and SX14 with the latest 10th gen Intel processor from its official Japan website