YouTube Launch a new redesign bring Larger Thumbnail and more feature

You don’t have to click on the video to read the title of the video you are curious about no more with this new update.

YouTube is launching a new homepage design today that will include bigger thumbnails, cleaner look that gets rid of data thickness to rather give more space to the videos and their titles, in addition to other new highlights like an "Add to Queue" alternative on the work area, a desktop version of YouTube's quit proposing highlight and that's just the beginning. The company say it has been experimenting with this updated design for months, and has made dozens of improvements based on user feedback.

YouTube Small Thumbnail

In the updated design, there are fewer videos per row as YouTube is allowing for longer video titles and larger video thumbnails. The company says that it will give users a better idea of the content of the videos before clicking on them. The company also removed some content shelves, although users will still find rows of videos for breaking news, music mixes and more.

YouTube Big Thumbnail

With the 'Don't Recommend Channel' highlight on its mobile app this year, YouTube is currently turning it out on its site. It works essentially a similar way, which implies you'll currently have the option to advise YouTube to quit proposing video to you from a particular channel. To do that, you'll need to simply choose the three-dab menu by a video on the home page, and afterward select the 'Don't recommend channel' option from the popup menu.

YouTube GIF

In addition to cosmetic changes, there are also some updates to how the home page functions. Another updated is an ‘Add to Queue’ option that will enable users to select a handful of videos to watch next without interrupting the video they are currently watching.

YouTube GIF