ZArchiver: Free alternative file archiver utility to WinRAR for Android

You can extract any files anywhere on your smartphone instantly.

WinRAR may be the most popular trialware file archiver for PC. Even though, WinRAR will charge you USD29 for a single license if you'd like to end your trial. Previously, you were introduced to use WinRAR's alternatives for PC. So what about Android?

Rarlab hasn't just developed WinRAR for PC, but also RAR for Android that you can get it for your smartphone right now. RAR is free with in-app purchases and you may get annoyed with ads.

If you want a completely free alternative to Rarlab's RAR, here is right for you.

ZArchiver   ZArchiver
Android / Free
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ZArchiver is developed by ZDev to be a great file archive management tool for Android with a simple and functional interface. It allows you to easily run extracting and archiving operations for your files anywhere on your smartphone.

ZArchiver Screenshot

ZArchiver can create and decompress by supporting a bunch of archive types such as 7zip, zip, bz2, gz2, tar, and others. Its user interface is very simple with uncomplicated looking and operating as a file manager to show your file directories for your Android system.